This week has been really fascinating in the news, what with the hagiographies on our late President, new revelations about official torture and tortured justifications for it, and I’m finding that “blogging” is fun, not just for what the “blogger” says but also for all the bright things that people say in response. I’ve been planning to work on this blog all week, and right now I wish I had done so sooner. I have articles for each day of this week.
Truth is this is a week when the country is in mourning. But I’m not. Oh I cried a little reading some of the articles on our late President. But…

I can’t get caught up in all the hooplah. The man was okay. On some issues he “done right” on others he “done wrong.” On identifying the wrongs of Communism he was right up there with Ayn Rand, Arthur Koestler, HG Wells and other Ikons of the intellectual side of the anti-communism movement. On other matters though his legacy is worse than mixed. He introduced a fantasy quality to political life that was charming to listen to but mythical in nature. So I can’t get caught up in the hooplah. Instead what I can do is to read about the guy and reflect about that legacy. And share some of the quotes and thoughts here. I hope we all will do this this week. A lot of people are thinking of the death of Julius Ceasar. This is appropriate as both friends and foes want to use this death as an excuse to advance their cause. Some feel really hurt.
Those involved with certain Issues hurt more than others: AIDS, poverty, Unions, worker rights, freedom from right wing torturers.
Some praise him; people living under Communist tyranny, his backers, those who loved the “myth of him as the man on Horseback.” Fundamentalists of all stripes except Marxism. They love him.
But me, I thought he was a great actor.