Or the lighter side of facism.

Now someone I know seems offended that most of the country is referring to the Tea Bag Party as “Tea Baggers.” So I’ll offer more proof of why, aside from them being the happy “sympathetic dupes” of groups with elitist, racist and Corporate Socialist agendas, they do indeed (or did before they found out what the word means) refer to themselves as “Tea Baggers.”

I’m with Captain America (and his author Brubaker):

Okay, so the joke is old. http://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-news-charles-krauthammer-references-tea-bag-protests/ almost as old as Charles Krauthammer….

As the above link shows, a lot of tea-baggers are rather proud of the term. And they were using it proudly. Like with most of the signage in their groups, proudly displaying the most racist, scatalogical, and homicidal signage while getting violent if anyone noticed in a disapproving fashion.

If the rest of the right see the use of the term by others as an excuse to heap insults and opprobrium, or make up conspiracy theories; well that is politics. It is also the policy of bullies and neo-fascists. It is at this point not so funny, except when Captain America has to throw his shield at them.

Read “War-Eagles” Comment here: http://www.mediaite.com/tv/fox-news-charles-krauthammer-references-tea-bag-protests/ I’ve heard similar stuff, (more of it before they found out what the term means); and even encountered people who referred to themselves that way to me [I do live near DC after all -- and all the weirdos come here to die or kill the targets of their paranoiac ravings]. So remember that next time you refer to “Democrat Party” or insult Obama’s momma . Calling idiots idiots and tea-baggers tea baggers is an important thing to do. We’ve been battling such people for more than 100 years and they aren’t going to stop bullying the country or shilling for the rich simply by us giving into their abusive demands or violent behavior. We still have unfinished business with womens rights, minority rights, and generating a society where everybody actually does have the right to liberty, an equal playing field, and justice. And that means I have a right to refer to people trying to tea-bag the constitution as tea-baggers.

Now Brubacker is a kind soul, and he publicly apologized for the image. But the image came from publicly available photos, which are still to be seen at many of their rallies. You know the kind; the “Obama” dressed as a clown, as an African Shaman, “Obama was born in Kenya.” This sort of abusive thing, along with the effort to shout down criticism of it, is a strategy akin to holocaust denial. It’s not really meant to deny reality, so much as to deny even the legitimacy and right to exist of those who are enduring the attacks.

When the Tea Baggers take down their lying and abusive signage, and their advocates stop suppressive and violent strategies, and start showing some signs that they are anything other than a totalitarian front and a mob, maybe I’ll stop being ashamed of living in the same country with these Ayn Rand-Scrooge McDuck dupes.

And I don’t mean the usual “Oh those are just the kinds of nuts that any group attracts. Sorry, we are responsible for controlling our nuts and showing we have some, while also showing we are decent human beings who don’t live only for our own pockets.

The truth is I have to denounce these things, talk truth to power, or I can’t look myself in the mirror. They do (and their sympathizers) intimidate me, that is why I have to stand up and push back. I am ashamed I didn’t march out on the street the day I learned what Wilson had to say. I am ashamed of my country, and ashamed that I was such a coward. They aren’t just nuts. They are very dangerous nuts led by very dangerous, dishonest, destructive people. I’m not referring to the dupes when I denounce tea-baggers. I’m referring to the cynical opportunists who are doing the duping.

I kind of got a little respect for the Governor of Florida when he made a comment about why he hugged Obama. It has to do with decency, something called in Yiddish “menchenkeit.”