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It is my belief that some properties, and not just wetlands, should be administered as public trusts. Public Trust doctrine dates to Roman and German law. Roman Law defined the doctrine, German law added the concept of the commons. Public Trust law is mature in the area of waters and wetlands. The concept is weak [...]

There will always be a need to adjudicate conflicts over scarce resources. Thus ultimately all economic decisions are also political decisions. People don’t always have sufficient trade goods to acquire survival goods (food, shelter, energy) and so don’t always have all the resources they need to acquire what they need to survive. Others have so [...]

Competition, conflict and War are synonyms I am a strong believer in the power of comparative advantage. What I don’t believe is that competition is an unalloyed good. Competition at it’s root meaning is a near synonym for conflict. Indeed look the word up in any dictionary (This comes from Yahoo’s): “A vying with others [...]