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The Republicans seem to think that low voter turnout, well financed and demagogued elections, and a slim majority in the House as a result, constitute a “Mandate from the people” to cut the budget and do whatever else they want to ordinary people. In other countries we have people revolting against their Governments, largely because [...]

I kind of like this sometimes interesting, sometimes lame, new TV show called “Being Human”. It posits a reality where there are both Werewolves and Vampires among us; and explores the difficulty of room-mates; one of whom is a ghost, one a vampire and the third a Werewolf. It draws inspiration from the movies and [...]

Examining bad economic theories. I used to hear my business based colleagues on the right talk about facts in the context of their orthodox opinions on the economy and politics. I’ve always agreed with them that we need to base theories on facts. If a theory can’t be tested then it is not even a [...]