Swindled Enough Already (SEA)

I finally thought of the name for our own insurgency. Let’s call it the SEA party; Swindled Enough Already!. I’m naming this after a tirade often quoted from Malcolm X, where he noted that his followers had been swindled enough times. Anyone whose been “around the block” [Joe Madison quote] enough can see that when leaders get together in back rooms and hammer out their deals those of us not in the room tend to get hang to dry. We need to push democratic controls — bottom up! we need to make sure we are in the room and can communicate the truth so that others can see through the Subterfuge.

Dump the Tea Party

It is time to dump the TEA party and its worn, tried and true swindles into the Ocean and really raise the sons of liberty up and stand for something. We have to fight to ensure that these so-called reforms, aren’t just another excuse for swindling the middle class, the old, white folks, (black folks know its a swindle), and the young. The debt is a problem, but the reason why is not either just revenues or spending, but the reality that we keep blowing money intended for real programs, real needs, and real capabilities and investments on swindling officers, kleptocratic contractors.

That Rich guy, he’s not your enemy (necessarily) but he’s not your friend either

Most Americans tend to believe folks that dress nicely, wear a fancy suit, and sound like they know what they are talking about. It’s a principle of sales in the advertising world. Even “lefty intellectuals” like Thom Hartman or Rachel Maddow understand and apply this principle. Compare their publicity photos from 3 years ago to their image today. They look normal because wardrobe makes them look normal. This is all well and good, but con artists apply the same principles to con us, and the conservative party has been using looks and sincere appearance to swindle us for more than a century. It is time to stop being swindled. Time to Send the Swindlers away covered with (figurative) tar and feathers, and dump the tea in the SEA.

We have more in common with each other than with all the people who nicely offer to lead us. We need leadership, but the best way to get leadership is to lead by doing, to take action. If we can join together we can accomplish something, but ordinary folks have to be in the room when the decisions are made. We need to make sure that juries make the decisions, not the self-appointed judges of our political life. We need to separate judge, jury and executioner roles or else we wind up being swindled, conned and terrorized.

The Budget Battle is a Con

You have to hand it to the cons, they lay deep plans. Everybody thought it was a joke when we used to hear about plans to “starve the beast.” Well now we see that plan in operation. 5 trillion in increased national debt, off budget wars, unfunded gifts to drug companies, and con after con after con, resulting in the inevitable collapse of expectations and a near depression. And these same guys are back claiming that the people they swindled “caused” the swindle. Do we let them blame us for their swindles anymore? It is time to dump the TEA in the Sea.

We need to balance the budget. SS can be fixed by raising retirement rates, raising the top limit on contributions, and by not letting the Grubby swindlers get their hands on the trust fund. Medicare and Medicaid can be fixed by fixing our medical system, eliminating for profit swindlers from providing medical services, improving service and cleanliness, and reconstituting the Medical System with a public service component, boards of executive trustees, local and national oversight comissions, advisory investigative commissions of doctors, and by treating it as a system and focusing on delivering health care instead of profits. Cutting it just shifts costs to those who can’t pay them, killing many people in the process.

I just watched a relative die because her family had no health insurance and little money. I’ve been watching relatives and friends asset stripped by con artists who have immunity, arrogance and impunity because of their money. And I’ve seen every progress gained by minorities, poor people, and the middle class under threat because the wealthy in this country think they can swindle us with bogus monopoly tea. It is time to dump the TEA in the sea and stop letting them swindle us.

Yes, we need to balance the budget. We need to pressure Obama to pull out of Afghanistan, to pressure the rest of the world to solve their own problems, and we need to invest in alternative energy, fixing (and replacing our infrastructure) and avoiding further disasters by better risk planning. What we don’t need are ideologues dressed in costumes and claiming to be about balancing budgets but really being after social authoritarianism. Some freedom they are after by trying to do away with Planned Parenthood and Women’s health services. Give me a break! Time to throw the TEA in the SEA and fight back.

And one more thing — this fighting has to be within the party. The SEA party needs to remember always that it is a loyal opposition to Progressives and is only opposed to bad ideas, bad policy and swindles.