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Memorial Day Tears While the grills burn, and hotdogs pop and sizzle, While the sun shines, and white clouds fluff like popcorn across the sky. My own memorials weigh me down and I cry. Rows and Rows of friends and family. Rows and Rows of beaten and burned. Rows and Rows of stories unlearned. My [...]

The sneaker Walking the beach, as I’m want to do, too early for the swimmers, I see the surfers in the water, surfing in their innocence, ignoring the debris all around. I walk with my tool, round on the bottom, looking for metal; and I find things. What a beautiful day, if starting cold and [...] The soil in Kashiwa city, Chiba, is heavily contaminated by fallout from Fukushima. Here is the Report: Sample J-A, a mass of 20g of soil, came from under a rain spout in a residential area of Kashiwa City, Chiba Prefecture, Japan. Sample J-A contained both the soil from the area as well as residue [...]