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I like to believe that, [all beings are born with a moral compass] But then I encounter beings Of mesmeratic power And lost in the vast lands of their dreams I become deaf to background screams And the clamour from those pounding on my windows And I look away. And when i seek to resume. [...]

Pushing the Broom

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Pushing the Broom If I refuse to be too happy, maybe I can avoid being too sad. I’ve seen my share of joy, and more than my share of tears. With every high comes broken glass. And this floor is such a mess. I’d rather push a broom, so I can have a clean room. [...]

Lighting a Candle

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Lighting a candle Lighting a candle for you, it’s the one thing I can do. My prayers soar to the heavens, in my mind, but I’m not sure the stars hear. And by comparison with your Majesty, suns are stars, and stars are small things. can you hear me? Magnified and sanctified is your name, [...]