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On the other side of darkness It’s a new stage in getting through grief; To see through saint alike and creeping thief. To see through the lies; is to know the truth, and it’s limits in this black box of a material world, where darkness is just on the other side of the light, And [...]

Half insane, I come to talk to you as you sleep, You don’t answer, our conversation will have to keep. I am the voice in my head, they call it thought, I think insanity instead. Why don’t you answer me? you sleep in peace. Grass grows over you, dust goes where once you were soft, [...]

He looked so proud and brave, waving his flag from the top of the hill. beneath him the army was all arrayed, with their banners and their flags. And he shouted from his vantage point; “Total Destruction is the only way to Go.” Then the gallant army descended fay, to enter into the fray. And [...]