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Buddhism as practiced in the SGI places a great deal of emphasis on benefit and botsu (via slander), obstacles and punishment, karma and tenju-kyoju. Lessening the effects of heavy karma is the proverbial “carrot on a stick” that impels us to challenge our oft-times bitter destiny. The idea is that when we take up the [...]

After being discharged from the Army, in 1970, I began to hitchhike around the country looking for my purpose in life. It was a turbulent time. Acid had opened my mind, although my parents thought my brain had been deep-fried. A few years prior to that, I began to practice yoga and meditate. In 1971, [...]

2004 has finished with tragedy. A tsunami of suffering has sped its waves around the world, drowning happiness. It could be said that survivors are worse off than the dead; although dying may be difficult, “death is completely safe.” Whenever confronted by the heartbreaks of the threefold world, the Lotus Sutra can lead us from [...]