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I haven’t written anything for a long time because I basically don’t believe in metaphysical causality nor any mechanism for it any longer. I did re-read some of the things I’ve addressed on this blog in the past and ran across this:

“I, Nichiren, am not the founder of any sect, nor am I a latter-day follower of any older sect. I am a priest without precepts, neither keeping the precepts nor breaking them. I am an ordinary creature like an ox or a sheep, divorced from both the possession of wisdom and the absence of it.” Letter to Myomitsu Shonin

I was going to comment finally but it is covered so much better here 5 years ago:
Nichiren Daishonin’s Buddhism? – Robin Beck

Here is an entire article from a web site dedicated to chanting for animals:

Chanting for animals leads to shakabuku

Every one wants to shakabuku someone. But what most Nichiren believers don’t realize is the fact that chanting for animals can lead to shakabuku. In every part of society there are people who either love animals or have deep compassion for animals. When people are trying to shakabuku other people , they never talk about chanting for animals. Even in situations where the Nichiren bliever knows the person either has an animal or else is deeply compassionate towards animals, nothing is ever said about chanting for animals. Some how the animals are left completely out of the picture by Nichiren believers who are trying to shakabuku other people.

There are a great many people in society who love and trust animals more than they do with humans. When Nichiren believers try to shakabuku these kinds of people, again they mention nothing about chanting for animals. Yet, if these Nichiren believers were to explain to these people that animals also have Buddha nature and they can chant for their animals or for animals and any concern they have with animals then they would have a far better chance of shakabukuing them.

But don’t fool your self.

Nichiren believers who do not chant for animals, who try to shakabuku people who love animals or are compassionate towards animals are going to have a harder time trying to shakabuku people who love animals or else who have compassion for animals. But those Nichiren believers who actually chant for animals will have a better chance to shakabuku those who love animals and those who are compassionate towards animals. Nichiren believers would be able to reach and relate to those who love and trust animals more than they do humans and would have a far better chance of shakabukuing these people.

If any Nichiren believer seeks to shakabuku others, then they are going to need to chant for animals through time. When they chant for animals, they increase their chances of being able to shakabuku other people.

Chanting for animals does lead to shakabuku.

My response:

Chanting For Bacon

I like some animals because they instinctually look to me as head of the pack giving me the job nurturing them into my realm and depend on me for food and shelter. (That would be, my dogs.) I like other animals because they are more independent, need less attention and come to me when they damn well feel like it. (That would be, my cats.) All of my pets have been rescue pets.

I like other animals because they are delicious.

It’s a lot easier being a vegetarian if you live where vegetables grow. It’s harder if whale blubber is a big part of your diet. It also doesn’t make sense to wear saffron robes under your polar bear skins. Unless you consider them to be celestial garments like the Mormons do. Don’t want to be caught with your pants down when you die without the right day of the week on your underwear. I spend a great deal of time in Utah and I saw a TV commercial that at first glance I thought it a SNL take off. It was for a “Crazy Larry” type of store and if you came in that week, you’ll get a great deal on your cloths with their Missionary Starter Kit: “two wash-n-wear suits, two wash-n-wear shirts (pocket protectors not included), two pairs of walking shoes, two wash-n-wear ties, and if you mention this add we’ll throw in another pair of pants all for only $375! At this price, we must be crazy!”

I was once arguing the “don’t take a picture of a gohonzon” topic to a top SGI leader. I had this particular person painted into a logical and reason based corner with no other recourse except to pull out the ole “we just ask you to respect our beliefs” catch phrase used by every faith based world view. Of course I responded with the issue that as a humanist you have my respect for being part of humanity and also part of the entire cosmos. But if you want my respect for your beliefs, you have to earn that. You do not get a buy on beliefs. Beliefs are dearly bought because they predicate behavior and behavior affects the environment of which we are all a part.

There at least 30 Nichiren sects all claiming authentic heritage. Within Buddhism there are thousands of sub sects within each major school, 6 to 10 ish depending on who makes the list. And every religion has reformations that swing and sway many directions due to the proclivities of the reformer. But let’s look at the claims made by Chanting For Animals because it is a very good microcosm of the capriciousness of any faith-based religion.

The title of the page is “Chanting for animals leads to shakabuku”.

It begins with “Every one wants to shakabuku someone.” That’s a false premise even within the Nichiren sects. The author who refers to “Nichiren believers” assumes her definition of shakabuku is everyone else’s. But even if I agreed with her definition, I personally do not want to “shakabuku” anyone so I can unequivocally state that the author is incorrect.

“There are a great many people in society who love and trust animals more than they do with humans.”
Hello author, that’s actually one clinical symptom of a sociopath. Hey wait a second,…hello author!

“But don’t fool your self….”

“If any Nichiren believer seeks to shakabuku others, then they are going to need to chant for animals through time.”

I said “capricious”!

Are you having trouble in your life? Are you not getting the benefits you expected? It’s because you’re not shakabukuing anyone and that’s because you are not practicing correctly because you are not chanting for animals! But if you come in this week, not only will you get my personal reading on what your individual animal spirit is and what animals you should be chanting for, but we’ll throw in a beautiful “Nichiren Swimming With Dolphins” medallion (available in necklace, bracelet, or anklet) plastic laminated for the look of real wood all for only $375. At this low price, we must be crazy!


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