Why I Stay


I am a member of the SGI. I have been a member for just over 20 years. It doesn’t seem that long. Well, yeah, maybe it does seem that long. My husband was introduced in February 1986 and joined in March. I needed another year and a half to join.
My husband is a practicer. He likes to practice – whether it’s music, sports or his Buddhist practice, he can practice. I’m not like that. I played saxophone all through school. My parents made it clear that I was never allowed to practice at home. The only time I practiced was when I had to audition. I did practice some things, but I have never found that thing I really liked and worked for me. Guess I haven’t tried enough stuff yet.

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VOV update


Last night we finally made some headway at our Victory Over Violence (VOV) meeting. We had way too many events happening and no one to do it all. Here is where we started.
1. VOV - This is a program involving activities or exercises in a small group setting. This is a youth to youth program. It will take place in schools. After our friend, an SGI member, was murdered, our district wanted to do something for our community. There have been nine murders in Salinas this year. All but one (our friend) are gang related. We want to help the young people of this city find a way out of the cycle of violence. One of the members of our district is a 5th grade teacher and she sees and hears about violence from her students. She was involved with VOV in the SF bay area a few years ago. She will help us through the process.
2. “Transforming the Human Spirit

That’s what I need to do. Make time. I have several entries in mind, but haven’t made time to write. So tonight, I just stayed at work to work on some personal stuff. I am in charge of the Area calendar. I try to get it complete before World Peace Prayer the first Sunday of the month. This usually involves sending a few nice yet harassing emails to get dates. This month I haven