It hit the fan


Last night we had our regular Monday night chanting meeting. This time it was also a planning meeting. There were four of us – my WD group leader, our chapter study liaison, our MD district/chapter leader, and me. We planned for next month and our district meeting next week and we talked about the new district that the chapter and area are trying to form. This always leads to the discussion of the Japanese Pioneer Women’s Division (JPWD) members who seem to be opposed to everything we do. A year ago, our district had two women who were already taking care of other members. We wanted to promote both to group leader. Our Japanese WD chapter leader came to my house and told me what the JPWD said about my appointments. Neither was ready for promotion for various reasons (one was still learning gongyo and I think they just didn

I have just read blogs by Ryuei, Byrd and Joe. All three seem to point to Guilt by Something.
First I read Ryuei’s blog. He alludes to Guilt by Reading. I giggled when I read this. Not at Ryuei, but at the idea that reading FWP can be cause for excommunication for SGI. Taken out of context, it sounds absurd, but in this context, it seems plausible, but still silly. Is this in response to Byrd’s blog or did you hear something else?
Then I read Byrd’s blog about the SGI leader who thought she should apologize for having opinions about the SGI-USA organization. Cool, SGI headquarters outs itself. I agree with Bryd’s response – 100%. Again, it sounds absurd, but strangely plausible. So that’s Guilt by Stating Your Opinion.
Then Patrick tried to take responsibility for tattling on FWP. Not so fast, Patty, the SGI-USA has been checking this sight for awhile. So you just turned this one guy/gal onto us and he/she knew Byrd. Guilt by Lack of Understanding or Guilt by Tattling.
Then I read Joe’s blog about the Leadership Manual and the Code of Conduct signature form. Very enlightening. I knew about the form, but hadn’t read it or even thought much about it. Now I’ll check it out and decide for myself. That’s Guilt by Non-Compliance.

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We had our first Victory Over Violence meeting last night. About 30 of us attended including the daughter and mother of our member who was a victim of violence. We set a tentative date in mid-September. I don’t think anyone in that room really understands what we are about to do. The MD area leader thinks he’s going to run this project. That’s not a good idea. We need a project manager for this. Someone who can delegate and communicate and get the job done. The project manage can’t be a faith leader. Those two jobs conflict. He wanted to meet once a month for 5 months. That won’t get the job done.
It was a great meeting. Several people really stepped up and got involved. I am looking forward to working with other members and other community groups to make this a success.