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The Fuji School

I have found quite a bit of conflicting information on this topic. Ryuei & Holte may want to compare notes with this:

It appears that Hoki-bo Nikko had 6 Elder Disciples who followed him from Minobu to Taiseiji. After Nikko left in 1291, these 6 remained at Taisekiji, with Nichimoku the Chief Priest. Nikko was actually the “Founding Priest” there. Control was immediately transmitted to Nichimoku in 1290; via the Ozagawari Gohonzon. I think the six 6 were:
*”Kyo-no-kimi” Nitta Nichimoku {#060}{1260-1333} Founder of Renzobo at Koizumi. Became second CP of Taisekiji in 1291. Tora-o-maru was his childhood name. His father was Niida Goro Shigetsuna. His mother, Ren’a-ni, was an elder sister of Nichiren’s follower Nanjo Tokimitsu.
*Jakunichi-bo Nikke (1252-1334}. First CP of Myoren-ji in 1324.
*Shimotsuke-bo Nisshu {Received Gohonzon #105} {?-1329} Founded Rikyo-bo lodging temple at Taiseikiji. Former Priest of Ryusen-ji temple in Atsuhara Village of Suruga Province.
*Sho-bo Nichizen {?-1331} He was a member of the Yui family of Kawai in the Fuji area, Japan. Priest of Ryusen-ji temple of the Tendai school in Atsuhara Village of Suruga Province.
*Joren-bo or Hyakkan-bo Nissen (1262-1357} Founder Takase Honmon-ji in Sanuki province.
*Kujo-bo Nichizon (1265-1345){Founder of Yobo-ji Kyoto}
There were a second set of six that appear to have stayed at Omosu:
*Jakusen-bo Nitcho (1262-1310). First CP of Omosu Seminary. He belonged to the prominent Yui family in Kawai of Fuji District. Related to Nikko’s mother?
*Iyo Nichidai (1294-1394) Second CP of Omosu Honmon-ji. . Founder of Nishiyama. Nikko’s nephew. He was a member of Yui Clan of Kawai, in the district of Fuji.
*Nichido (1283 – 1341). Third CP at Taisekiji. He was the second son Niida {Nitta}Goro Jiro Yoritsuna of Izu Province; IOW, Nichimoku’s Nephew.
*Kitayama Nichimyo {?-?} Third CP of Omosu Honmon-ji.
*Saisho Nichigo (1293-1353) Founder of Hota; native of Echigo. Founder of what would later become Koizumi Koon-ji at the original site of Renzo-bo.
*Nichijo {??} or:
*Sammi Nichijun (1294-1356) Second Chief Priest of Omosu Seminary. or:
*Nichiman {??}: Founder 0f Sado Island, Abutsu Myosenji)