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Most Buddhists know the term metta. It is the “Ji” of Jihi. Metta is the Pali term. The Sanskrit is “Maitri”, as in Maitreya. Synonyms might be agape, amour, simpatico, kindness, amity, and good will. We can also define it in terms of opposites. The far opposite of metta/maitri is dosa/dvesa, translated as aversion, hatred & anger; while near ‘opposites’ would be excessive attachment, allurement, eros, avarice, or greed {lobha}, and lust {kama}.
Metta Bhavana {cultivation} is a practice to cultivate loving kindness. This is often done as a guided silent meditation. I worked the metta cultivation into the Zange and Mantra Powered Chakra Visualization Ritual. Here are two recorded guided metta meditations {Real Player needed}:
This one explains how the process works; how affection is expanded from a conditional & partial attachment to an unconditioned or universal loving kindness:
guided metta meditation2
This is an actual guided meditation session:
guided metta meditation1
Zange or Sange is the Buddhist form of Confession & Repentance. I suspect there is a basis in the Pali Canon. It is elaborated on in the Great Compassion Dharani Sutra and the Samantabhadra Meditation Sutra. There is also the Tiantai Meditation Manual Fa-Hua San-Mei Ch’an-I {Confessional Samadhi of the Lotus Sutra}. I plan to elaborate more on Zange in a future entry. It implies a practical method or methods to take responsibility for our own negative emotions.
The metta cultivation is one of the ways HOW I pray for people and about situations that make me feel hurt, angry, anxious, etc. It is effective because it starts with healing our own deleterous thoughts, feelings & perceptions. Then it gradually radiates outward in clockwise, circular waves; like a prayer wheel.
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