Nissho’s Daimandara of 1280
On Nichiren’s Gohonzon for Practicing Kanjin

This is known as 伝法本尊 — Denpo Honzon; the Honzon for Transmission of the Dharma.

I was told that the mandala became known as the Great Mandala for Transmitting the Dharma . Also, it is the most common Gohonzon issued by Kempon Hokke Shu in the USA.

Nissho’s Daimandara of 1280, #101, is one of four {4} authentic Nichiren Mandala Gohonzon(s) for which we have a complete diagram or map.
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With the exception the Lower Lower Left Side Memoranda, it has the exact same entries as the Great Mandala designated “Shutei Honzon”. The Memoranda indicates that in the “Third Year of Koan {1280}” during the cyclical sign of “Taisai Kanoetatsu” “Eleventh Month ” it was “Transmitted to the Son of Shakya, Nissho .” 釈 [Shaku; Shakyamuni] 子 [Ko; Child] 日昭 [Nissho] 伝 [Den; Dharma Transmission] 之 [of, this]

Nissho (1221-1323) was the senior most of Nichiren’s Six {6} designated successors and the de facto head of the Hokke Shu movement after the founder’s demise.

In 1253, Nichiren set up a small hermitage in Matsu-baga-yatsu Valley, of the Nagoe Hills area of Kamakura.  Soon after, a Tendai priest named Joben  came to visit him. Joben, who had been a classmate of Nichiren at Hieizan, became his disciple. Nichiren gave him the name Nissho. In 1254, Nissho’s nephew, Nichiro, also became Nichiren’s disciple.

The Denpo Honzon is kept at Myohokkeji Temple Tamazawa, Mishima City, Izu, Shizuoka. Myohokkeji was originally Nissho’s Hokkeji Temple at Hama, Kamakura. Nissho took up residence at Hama after Tatsunokuchi. Hokkeji was officially founded by Nissho in 1284 and transfered to a Nichiyu in 1317. The Temple was moved to Izu and renamed Myohokkeji by Oman-no-kata in 1621. Three other authentic Nichiren Mandala Gohonzon(s) are listed as housed there. These are:

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弘安3年 仏滅度後二千二百三十余年之間一閻浮提之内未曽有大漫荼羅也
釈子日昭伝之 静岡県玉沢妙法華寺 伝法本尊 12紙 sheets 197.6 cm 108.8 cm