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One of my favorite expressions of art is the use of words to paint pictures;   to create visual imagery.  It is even better if multiple layers of meaning are conveyed. I especially appreciate it when it is put to music that conveys  the intended non-verbal feel, mood, or emotion.  It is  better yet if the [...]

Did the Buddha really teach that women can not attain Enlightenment? This has been a fairly common misconception for a long time. As far as I know, it is based on one statement found in Majjhima Nikaya 115; Bahudhatuka Sutta; The Discourse on Many Elements, “It is impossible that a woman would be the anutarra [...]

I always wondered what this really meant; what words were being translated. Evidently, the phrase was used by Nichiren Shonin to describe the kind of unity he wanted among his followers. I do not know of any usage of this exact term in other forms of Buddhism. As far as I know, there is no [...]