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Nirodha 滅 {mie / metsu} is a frequently seen Pali / Sanskrit Buddhist term. It is almost always translated into English as cessation.  However, there is recent speculation that this is a mistranslation; that nirodha actually means release, or ‘out of confinement.’  Note that cessation implies only an end of something. The cessation of dukkha [...]

Sam-, sometimes written as san- or sam- is another prefix commonly seen in Pali and Sanskrit Buddhist terms. It is a possible of cognate of the English word same; as well as at least two prefixes. 

The prefix vi- is seen in some commonly used Pali & Sanskrit Buddhist terms;  such as vimala, vinaya, vinnana/vijnana, visuddha/vishuddha, vihara, and vipassana/vipashyana.  It is a cognate of the common English prefix dis- [or de-].