The San Jose Nichiren Buddhist Temple

3570 Mona Way

San Jose, CA 95130.

Phone (408) 246-0111


Schedule of Events

(all events start at 10 am unless stated otherwise):


September 7 – Meditation

We begin with some stretching exercises and then do about 20 minutes of silent meditation (as per the tranquility and insight practices taught by T’ien-t’ai Chih-i) followed by some silent walking meditation. Instructions for this can be found here. After this we adjourn to the dining hall for a Buddhist temple style breakfast (rice porridge, takuan, miso soup).


September 14 – Sunday Service.

A Buddhist service is the basic daily practice of Nichiren Buddhism, the centerpiece of which is the recitation of Odaimoku and whose supporting practices include the recitation of passages from chapter 2 and 16 of the Lotus Sūtra. The daily service (that can also be done at home) can be found here.


September 21 – Shodaigyo meditation followed by study class or Shakyo class/Shabutsu Practice.

Shodaigyo meditation is a practice involving a period of silent sitting, a longer period of Odaimoku chanting to the rhythm of a taiko drum, and another short period of silent sitting. It is explained in more detail here.

Following the service one can choose to participate in either the study class or shabutsu practice.

The study class is currently focusing on Nichiren’s major writing The Opening of the Eyes (Kaimoku-shō). The study guide is here. The chapter we will be covering is are the three chapters of the commentary focusing on Zen in China and Japan and Nichiren’s critique of it. Shakyō class is being held at the same time. This is the practice of contemplative copying of the Lotus Sutra and/or the Odaimoku.

Alternatively, Shabutsu Practice will also be offered. Shabutsu is the devotional and contemplative practice of drawing of Buddhist images. The temple will provide copying paper, pens, brushes, and sumi ink. No prior art experience is necessarily. One may also practice Shakyō, the copying of passages from the Lotus Sūtra.


September 28 – No Service


October 5 – Meditation (as above)


October 12 – Sunday Service (as above) followed by the Kaimoku-shō study class and Shabutsu Practice (as above).


October 19 – Oeshiki Service held at 2 p.m.

Commemoration of the passing of Nichiren Shōnin.


October 26 – No Service


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