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After attaining enlightenment the Buddha sat beneath the Bodhi Tree and other nearby trees for seven weeks. He abided in the bliss of his awakening and contemplated the interdependent nature of reality and also the ways and means whereby others could also attain enlightenment. During this time, a haughty brahmin approached him and was instructed [...]

The Vedic World 2,500 years ago in the foothills of the Himalayas a prince was born who renounced all the luxury and prestige of his position out of compassion for all beings and in order to become the “teacher of gods and men.” This young prince would come to be known as the “Awakened One,” [...]

VIII Outlawing the Slanderers The Traveler Then Asked the Master: WNSD1: pp. 134 – 136 WND: pp. 22 – 23 The guest is horrified by the implication of the sutra passages that the host has just cited. They seem to be suggesting that those monks who, in the opinion of the host, slander the True [...]