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The doctrine of dependent origination is the key insight upon which the entire teaching of the Buddha rests. The Buddha even went so far as to equate the Dharma itself with dependent origination. “Now this has been said by the Blessed One: ‘One who sees dependent origination sees the Dharma; one who sees the Dharma [...]

After teaching the four noble truths to the five ascetics, the Buddha saw that they still harbored attachment to the idea of self, the most fundamental delusion. In order to remedy this, the Buddha taught them how to finally relinquish the attachment to self by discussing the five aggregates in terms of the three marks [...]

When the Buddha decided to share his awakening with the world and teach the way to enlightenment, his first thought was to find his former teachers, Arada Kalama and Rudraka Ramaputra. He discovered, however, that they had died while he was undergoing his ascetic training; so, the Buddha decided to find the five ascetics and [...]