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It is sometimes said that the Buddha spoke of karma and rebirth because it was taken for granted by his contemporaries and he was simply teaching in accordance with these assumptions. However, not all of the Buddha’s contemporaries believed in karma or rebirth. Quite a few of the Buddha’s contemporaries actively denied them. There are [...]

Directly perceiving the workings of karma and rebirth were very much involved in the Buddha’s awakening. They were also a major element in the Buddha’s explanation of right view, the first part of the noble eightfold path. However, there are two different types of right view, and only the first deals with karma and rebirth. [...]

Far from being a mere concession to the ignorant or a minor note in his teachings, karma and rebirth were integral elements of the Buddha’s enlightenment. According to the Buddha, after he sat beneath the Bodhi Tree and attained a calm and concentrated state of mind his contemplations proceeded as follows: “When my mind was [...]