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Shakyamuni Buddha asserts that his spiritually awakened life is not bounded by birth or death in chapter 16, “The Duration of the Life of the Tathagata,” of the Lotus Sutra. As the Eternal Shakyamuni Buddha, he is always present, helping us to quickly realize buddhahood. More profoundly, this has been taken to mean that buddhahood [...]

The faith that we can be assured of becoming buddhas, but only after many lifetimes of spiritual cultivation, is taught in the first half of the Lotus Sutra. Attaining buddhahood, or unsurpassed perfect awakening to the true nature of reality and thereby freeing oneself and others from suffering is not something that people imagine can [...]

In East Asian Mahayana Buddhism two types of faith are often spoken of: the faith that one can become a Buddha, and the faith that one is already a Buddha.[1] Those with the first kind of faith have the conviction that they will someday attain buddhahood, after a lengthy process of spiritual cultivation. Those with [...]