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Sentient beings are innumerable; I vow to save them all. Our defilements are inexhaustible; I vow to quench them all. The Buddha’s teachings are immeasurable; I vow to know them all. The Way of the Buddha is unexcelled; I vow to attain the Path Sublime.   Namu Myoho Renge Kyo x3

We respectfully dedicate all our merits now gathered to the Great Benevolent Teacher, Shakyamuni, the Eternal Buddha; to the Supreme Teaching, the Lotus Sutra; to the Leader of the Declining Latter Age of the Dharma, our founder, the Great Bodhisattva Nichiren Shonin; and to the benevolent forces of the universe who protect the Dharma! May [...]

It is difficult to keep this sutra. I shall be glad to see anyone keeping it even for a moment. So will all the other Buddhas. Such a person will be praised by all the Buddhas. This will be a person of valor; one of endeavor, who should be considered to have already observed the [...]