The Wonderful Dharma expounded in the sutra whose sacred title we now chant, is what the past Buddhas taught, the present Buddhas are teaching, and the future Buddhas shall teach. It is the Great Dharma, true and pure, the propagation of which was entrusted primarily to the Great Bodhisattva Superior Practice by the Buddha on Vulture Peak. Once we chant the sacred title Namu Myoho Renge Kyo, we shall attain the right view that the three thousand worlds exist in our minds just as they are; the Pure Land of Tranquil Light shall be made manifest in our sight; our Buddha-nature shall be identified with the Buddha of Three-Bodies-in-One; and, together with all other beings, we shall enjoy living in the Land of Truth. May the sound of our chanting the sacred title permeate the whole world, be offered to the Three Treasures, and bestowed on all beings. May all beings enter the World of the One Reality, the Great Vehicle; may the Buddha-land be adorned and all beings favored with the merits of our chanting.