We respectfully dedicate all our merits now gathered to the Great Benevolent Teacher, Shakyamuni, the Eternal Buddha; to the Supreme Teaching, the Lotus Sutra; to the Leader of the Declining Latter Age of the Dharma, our founder, the Great Bodhisattva Nichiren Shonin; and to the benevolent forces of the universe who protect the Dharma!

May the Wonderful Dharma spread throughout the ten thousand years of the Declining Latter Age of the Dharma!

May we realize this world is the Eternal Buddha’s Pure Land!

May all beings under the heavens and within the four seas live in accordance with the Wonderful Dharma!

May peace permeate all the world and all beings enjoy peace and happiness!

May all beings live in safety and live long without misfortune!

May this peace and happiness last forever and all beings prosper!

We pray that all beings awaken to the true nature of reality that is the Buddha Dharma!

May all beings of all realms be helped equally, overcome suffering, and gain the happiness of blissful liberation through the merits of following the teaching of the Lotus Sutra!

We pray for our ancestors, deceased relatives, and for all those who have passed away [especially for                 ]! We also pray for the happiness and well-being of [        ]!

May we purify our minds, limit our desires, learn to be content, feel free to experience the quiet unassuming joys of life, and learn to abandon all attachments formed in the mind!

With this prayer, we endeavor to increase our understanding and appreciation of what others have given and contributed to us, and to develop constant mindful consideration of how our thoughts and actions will beneficially contribute to others!

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo