The most profound and wonderful teaching is presented in this sūtra. This sūtra is difficult to meet even once in thousands and millions of eons. Now we have been able to see, hear, receive, and keep this sūtra. May we understand the most excellent teaching of the Tathagata!

The most excellent teaching of the Great Vehicle is very difficult for us to understand. We shall be able to approach awakening when we see, hear, or touch this sūtra. Expounding is the Buddha’s body of bliss (Sambhoga-kaya). Expounded is the Buddha’s body of truth (Dharma-kaya). The letters composing this sūtra are the Buddha’s body of transformation (Nirmana-kaya).

Just as perfume is caught by something put nearby, so shall we be richly benefited by this sūtra, even when we are not aware of being so benefited, because infinite merits are accumulated in this sūtra.

We can expiate our past transgressions, do good deeds, and attain Buddhahood by the merits of this sūtra. It does not matter whether we are wise or not, or whether we believe the sūtra or slander it.

This sūtra is most wonderful and most excellent taught by the Buddhas of the past, present, and future. May we meet and receive it, birth after birth, world after world!