Hi (whomever may be reading this),

I would like to clarify that each of the blogs at fraughtwithperil is basically is own separate editorial space – the only thing we all hold in common is that we all practice or practiced some form of Nichiren Buddhism but these different forms are widely, hugely, spaciously, inconceivably disparate in terms of teaching, attitude, practice, and institutional structure and history (or lack thereof). I want to reiterate before I ramble on that I am very grateful to the late Greg Dilley for inviting me to be one of the first bloggers here and to Nancy for her continued support and maintenance of this site. Bottom line is – I am grateful to this forum to house my various articles and projects though I am not personally responsible or connected to what other bloggers may be writing about and I ask that anyone visiting here will not judge me by the contents of their blogs or comments or vice versa for that matter.

What I want my blog to be about is an ongoing exploration of the authentic meaning of the teachings of Shakyamuni Buddha, the many great Dharma teachers over the ages down to the present who have been inspired by his teachings and practices, and in particular to the meaning of the Lotus Sutra, and the writings of the 13th century Japanese monk Nichiren who is the founder of my lineage (Nichiren Shu) and who I believe has been badly misunderstand and misrepresented (even by self-proclaimed followers who usually have no real context or background) but who, I believe, has provided us with a teaching and practice that is very accessible to modern people, and gets right to the point of Buddha Dharma.

Aside from all that, I hope that my writings will help people begin a grounded and sane Buddhist practice that can help them practice, realize, and actualize their very own authentic selfless compassion. I hope to do this by sharing the teachings and practices that have been shared with me and to make them understandable in the way that I wished they could have been made understandable to me when I was first setting out to learn and practice Buddha Dharma. That is my hope and true aspiration for my blogging.  I am not really concerned with dogmas, heresies, orthodoxy, institutions, sects, and all the other things that others seem so concerned about. I think all that misses the point. Authentic selfless compassion and returning to that again and again when we invariably lose sight of it – that is what “it” is all about.

Namu Myoho Renge Kyo,