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Throughout Kanjin Honzon-shō, Nichiren takes for granted the T’ien-t’ai system of sūtra classification. In this chapter, I hope to provide an overview of this classification system. I think it is important to be familiar with it in order to understand Nichiren’s evaluation of the Buddha’s teachings. In addition, I believe that the classification system T’ien-t’ai [...]

Nichiren was ordained and trained as a Tendai monk, so much of his teachings and arguments are incomprehensible without at least a rudimentary understanding of T’ien-t’ai Buddhism. In this chapter I provide a brief history of the T’ien-t’ai school in China and Japan. In the next two chapters I will cover the T’ien-t’ai teachings relating [...]

When Nichiren discusses different teachings of Buddhism, he does so in reference to ten schools of Buddhism that existed in Japan by the 13th century. He assumes that the reader is generally familiar with them. We, however, are not familiar with these schools, their origins, their founders, or their distinct teachings and practices. So in [...]