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Chapter eight deals with the practice of meditative absorption, though it does so by presenting a series of reflections or themes for contemplation, rather than a general description of the perfection of meditation. In verses VIII.1-38 present a reflection that  meditation is best practiced by a monastic living in solitude, free of involvement with the [...]


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Chapter seven begins with an assertion of the importance of energy (or vigor), a definition, and list of things that hinder it. “Patient in this way one should cultivate energy, because awakening depends on energy. For without energy there is no merit, just as there is no movement without wind. What is energy? The endeavor [...]


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Chapter six is about the perfection of patience. It starts off by describing the dangers of hatred and the virtue of patience (or forbearance). “There is no evil equal to hatred, and no spiritual practice equal to forebearance.” (VI.2) One piece of especially good advice to avoid dejection is this: “If there is a solution, [...]