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Good men! All the sūtras that I expounded [hitherto] were for the purpose of saving all living beings. I told the stories of my previous lives [in some sūtras] and the stories of the previous lives of other Buddhas [in other sūtras]. I showed my replicas [in some sūtras], and my transformations [in other sūtras]. [...]

Śāriputra! The Tathāgatas divide [the Dharma] into various teachings, and expound those teachings to all living beings so skillfully and with such gentle voices that living beings are delighted. Śāriputra! In short, the Buddhas attained the innumerable teachings which you have never heard before. No more, Śāriputra, will I say, because the Dharma attained by [...]

All things are from the outset In the state of tranquil extinction. The Buddhas’ sons who complete the practice of the Way Will become Buddhas in their future lives. (The Lotus Sūtra p.39) This chapter will continue to explore the theme of non-duality to see what it has to teach us about dealing with our [...]