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The Master Replied WNSD1: pp. 129 – 134 WND: pp. 18 – 22 The guest’s assertion that, “Therefore, we should first pray for the peace and tranquility of the nation before trying to establish the Buddha Dharma,” has been falsely attributed to Nichiren as his own personal view. But, as is apparent, this was the [...]

The guest then insists that there is a higher priority then the problem of Honen’s exclusive nembutsu: After all, world peace and tranquility of a nation is what both the sovereign and subjects alike desire, and all the people of a nation wish for. Now, the prosperity of a nation depends on the Dharma, which [...]

At this point, Nichiren brings up the fate of the Retired Emperor Gotoba (1180-1239). For Nichiren, this last example held a far greater significance than the brief mention here would indicate. In the year 1275, Nichiren wrote the Shinkoku-o Gosho (Sovereigns of Our Divine Land) in which he stated that the defeat of Retired Emperor Gotoba [...]