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Emptiness (Pāli suññatā, Sanskrit śūnyatā) is a shocking word to use about the nature of all things including our own lives and yet that is the word the Buddha chose to use on several occasions. Some people have suggested that it should perhaps be translated with the gentler term “openness” or perhaps the more abstract [...]

Of the Buddha’s teachings regarding morality and self-discipline, it is my feeling that those regarding right speech are what most of us go against the most often. After all, how many of us have committed murder or would even be likely to? How many of us have taken something that was not given of such [...]

Without practice and learning Buddhism will cease to exist. Endeavor yourself and cause others to practice the two ways of practice and learning, which stem from faith. – Nichiren (Writings of Nichiren Shonin Volume 4: Faith and Practice) A lot of people ask me what books they should read in order to further their understanding [...]