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Bhagavat is one of the titles of the Buddha and often translated as “Lord.” This word has the connotation of sovereignty, authority, mastery. So who is the true master of our lives? Is it the Buddha? The historical Buddha is however, a teacher, and not a literal ruler or master, though in East Asian the [...]


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The  Bodhicaryāvatāra comes to a conclusion with a relatively short chapter of only fifty-eight verses. There is not much that needs to be said about it that is not clear from just reading it. It is an extended dedication of merit such as is used at the end of just about all Buddhist ceremonies. Śāntideva [...]

Now a series of objections are raised by an interlocutor of no specific philosophical affiliation. The interlocutor first asks how there can there be two truths if conventional existence doesn’t really exist. How can it be considered a truth at all if the things it refers to are empty? Śāntideva responds that the things conventional [...]