The following materials are my own translations or my adaptation of translations of Buddhist texts that I have found of particular interest over the years. When necessary I am also providing my own comments on the material complete with links to other articles that shed more light on what these texts are trying to say.

The first set of translations are of five provisional sutras and three Zen writings that are used in Won Buddhism, a new religion from Korea. The Society for the Study of Buddha Dharma was founded by Pak Chung-bin (1891-1943; aka the Great Master Sot’aesan) after he had a spiritual awakening on April 28, 1916. In 1947 the Society was renamed Won Buddhism. I think a fair characterization of Won Buddhism is that it is a progressive and humanistic form of Korean Zen, but it really is much more than that. If anyone wants to learn more I would recommend they read The Scriptures of Won Buddhism translated by Bongkil Chung. At any rate, Sot’aesan chose five sutras and three Zen texts from the Buddhist canon to use in teaching his contemporaries about Buddhism. I have found his selection intriguing because he assumed that his followers knew nothing about Buddhism and would have to learn it beginning with the most simple and basic teachings. Also from the T’ien-t’ai/Nichiren point of view these works do not go beyond the Tripitka and the Shared teachings of the Buddha. Still, I think it is a helpful selection for those who are totally in the dark about basic Buddhist insights and values, and even those who follow the Perfect teaching of the Original Gate of the Lotus Sutra should be familiar with these teachings as the Perfect teaching presumes that one has already assimilated them. So the following are my translations and commentaries of these texts (or in the case of a couple of them my adaptation of prior translations pending my own original translation).

I. Sutras chosen by Sot’aesan:

Five Merits of the Virtuous Sutra

Discernment of Karmic Recompense Sutra

The 42 Chapters Sutra

The Heart Sutra

The Diamond Sutra

II. Zen texts chosen by Sot’aesan:

The Ten Ox Herding Pictures with Accompanying Verses

The Hsiu-hsiu-an Discourse on Sitting Meditation

Secrets of Cultivating the Mind by Chinul