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These phrases are on transcriptions of Great Mandalas from Taisekiji, such as the the Nittatsu, Nikken, and  SGI Nichikan. The inscriptions are located in the top row, on either side of the Daimoku, outside of, or flanking, the two Buddhas and four Bodhisattvas. On the right side of the mandala, or your left if you are facing the mandala, reading from the center to the left, it would be Shakyamini Buddha, Jyogyo Bodhisattva, Anryugyo Bodhisattva, and the blessing or gain phrase.  On the left side of the mandala, or your right if you are facing the mandala, reading from the center to the right, it would be Taho Nyorai, Jogyo Bodhisattva, Muhengyo Bodhisattva, and the curse or loss phrase.

The following erroneous claim was made, several years ago, by a “Kenpon Hokke” web site, not by me, and I now disagree with the claim:

According to a Kenpon Hokke group , “None of the known gohonzons inscribed by Nichiren has those phrases” and, “Such phrases never appeared in any other Nichiren gohonzon, and are incongruous with the nature of the gohonzon. (These are the phrases referring to “gain” and “loss”, on either side of the SGI/NST honzons).”

This is contradicted by the Kuden texts, commentaries, the Goibun or Gosho of Nichiren,the Suttas, and the Sutras:
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From the Gosho:
“Some people may be perplexed at this point and object that, although those who do harm to a votary of the Lotus Sutra are supposed to have their heads split into seven pieces, there are men who slander Nichiren and yet do not have broken heads. Are we to conclude, they may ask, that Nichiren is not a true votary of the Lotus Sutra?” — Nichiren: On the Buddha’s Behavior

From the Ambattha Sutta aka “Pride Humbled”: “And at that moment Vajrapani the Yaksha, holding up a huge iron club, flaming, ablaze and glowing, up in the sky just above Ambattha was thinking, “If this young man does not answer a proper question put to him by the Blessed Lord by the third time of asking, I’ll split his head into seven pieces!” The Lord saw Vajrapani, and so did Ambattha. And at the sight, Ambattha was terrified and unnerved, his hairs stood on end, and he sought protection, shelter, and safety from the Lord. Crouching down close to the Lord, he said, “What did the Reverend Gotama say? May the Reverend Gotama repeat what he said!”

From the Lotus Sutra, Dharani Chapter, Kishimojin and her Ten Rasetsunyo daughters utter, “If there are those who fail to heed our spells and trouble and disrupt the preachers of the Law, their heads will split into seven pieces like the branches of the arjaka.” [if one touches the Arjaka or Basil shrub, the flower spike or blossom falls off with its branch and breaks apart. The Coleus has a similar flower spike, as do Sage, Peppermint, and other members of the mint family. ]

Kishimojin’s name is on a number of Nichiren mandalas, as is Jurasetsunyo. Both the Raksha and the Rakshasha originally dwell in the realm of rapacious spirits or hungry ghosts; known as Preta {sanskrit} or Gaki {sino-japanese}. So, in one sense they represent the World of Hunger. However, in Buddhist mythology, they are also elevated to the status of protective gods & goddesses’ or angel like beings call hiten {飛天} and hitenyo {飛天女}. Nichiren credited their protection with saving him from both the Matsubagayatsu & Komatsubara persecutions.

The story behind this elevation from a depraved demon to angel is as follows: Hariti was evidently kidnapping human children, to feed her own children. This caused great suffering among the humans, who appealed to the Buddha for help. The Buddha taught Hariti a lesson by hiding one her children. Hariti, in her grief, then feels remorse for her actions, repents, and vows to use her might to protect children of all species. The Buddha then returns her child. Over time, the iconography of Hariti assumed the maternal Koyasu form; similar to the Koyasu or child giving form of Kanzeon; of whom Kishimojin is sometimes seen as an emanation.

At any rate, I am confident that the Blessing & Curse Phrases, or at least similar phrases, can also be found in Sutras, as well as Shastras {{論( Ron, Commentaries}. Also, in fact, these do appear to be on at least six authenticated and published Nichiren Mandalas. In his rebuttal of Kempon Hokke’s claims, The late Reverend Nittatsu of Taisekiji asserted that there are six {6] Nichiren originals with these inscriptions. I am fairly certain I have confirmed this. These include:

  • Mandala # 053, inscribed in August 1278 and housed at [Shizuoka Prefecture Shizuoka City Shimizu] Kaicho-ji, conferral to {授与之} Nitcho {日頂} Shonin {上人}; one of the Six {6} Senior Ministers {六老僧 — Rokuroso}.
  • Mandala #60, inscribed on February 2, 1279 and housed at
    Juryo-ji of Kuwana, conferral to {授与之} Child of Shakya {釈子} Nichimoku {日目}, who was Nikko’s successor at Taisekiji.
  • Mandala # 65, inscribed in July 1279 and housed at Kocho-ji of Okamiya, conferral to {授与之} Shamon, Wandering Monk {沙門} Nippo {日法}.

The others are the Mandalas numbered 54, 57, and 59.

These are also often said to appear on the Camphor Wood Yashiro Kunishige Dai-Mandara, a. k. a. Taisekiji Daigohonzon, a. k. a. Ita {Plank or Board} Mandala.  However, Reginald Carpenter wrote to me: “those two (2) so called “Blessing/ Curse inscriptions” are really NOT present on the so called “Yashiro Memorial Daimandara”, aka. Taiseki-ji Dai-Gohonzon, aka. Ita Mandala,” which is commonly & correctly called the Dai-Gohonzon! Nichiren Daishonin … gave & left the instructions for putting/ transcribing those two (2) terms on the Gohonzon in a passage from “Seven Articles on Transmission of the Gohonzon” that was published in the “Nichiren Shoshu Seiten” (page #379) by the 65th High Priest of Nichiren Shoshu in 1952! “

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