We saw Asia and Yes tonight at the Mountain Winery. I think we saw Dave Brubeck there a long, long time ago, but all I recognized was the backdrop to the stage. Chris, Kaela and Leia came with me. Most of the audience was our age and many couples brought their teenage kids. The two kids in front of us were sullen. Our kids, of course made us look good. Leia got into this long running conversation with the younger woman sitting next to her. I didn’t hear much but they talked about the music and make-up. This woman thought I was the best mom ever because I go to concerts with them and brought them to this one.
Asia was first. All the original members. Carl Palmer looked great and sounded better than ever. His drums sounded great and he really had his chops up. He was having a great time. Steve Howe played in both bands. He doesn’t look much different, maybe a bit less hair. Geoff Downs was on keyboard and John Wetton on bass and vocals. Both of them are looking younger than I thought they would. Jon’s voice was in fine shape. I enjoyed every minute of Asia. They played Video Killed the Radio Star for Geoff. A solid rendition. Then played In the Court of the Crimson King for John. I didn’t remember he was in King Crimson. Then they play Fanfare for the Modern Man for Carl. His drum solo was sweet, even though he didn’t run down a roll. Two gongs behind him. You would have enjoyed it.
Yes was a different story. Steve Howe, Chris Squire and Alan White with Oliver Wakeman (Rick’s son) and Beniot David who sounds exactly like Jon Anderson – I mean exactly. If you close your eyes, you would swear Jon was singing. They played all older tunes. Owner of a Lonely Heart was the newest tune and the only one from 90125. They were good, but in a discussion with Chris and the guy behind us, we decided there was something missing. We don’t know what, but it just wasn’t exciting. They played lots of fusion, you would have liked it, but people were leaving early on and continued to leave through out the show.
Kaela and Chris went up to buy shirts and came back with the tye dyed on for me. It was a large, but looked more like a 2X large. So later I sent Kaela & Leia to get me a smaller shirt and they came back with the same one. Chris and I finally went up and I exchanged it for a black tour shirt, They had a baseball shirt with the Yes logo, just like 25 years ago. I didn’t get it… but i was tempted.
Asia put out a new CD last year. The first one with all the original members in 25 years. Can you believe it has been 25 years? In my opinion, Asia stole the show. The audience was engaged, clapping, on their feet for Asia. Not so much for Yes. We are waiting for Rush and Peter Gabriel now.