Just looking up the word “prophet” you can get definitions and an enormous list of prophets. You can also get a list of false prophets, which to many of us, is a redundancy.

Most prophecies are justified by the true believer in hindsight by ad hoc reasoning, special pleading, or moving the goal posts to fit what they say the prophet meant. It seems that no amount of reasoning through logic, lack of evidence, or evidence to the contrary, will dissuade a true believer because in order to believe in a prophecy the believer needs a world view that contains in it the belief that someone can divine the future from something other than empirical logic.

My prophet is a true prophet and can take your prophet with one hand tied behind his back.

It is said that Shakyamuni made predictions that Nichiren justified.  I asked a question in a previous blog and everyone who attempted to answer tip toed around the question building up straw man arguments and answering those instead. So I’ll ask again: why predict three time periods with five five-hundred years, a linear finite time? If that is not what he “really” meant, then is Nichiren moving the goal posts? Because there are the same qualifications for “mappo” in all the time periods if you’re looking for them.