I am leaving for Japan tomorrow. I am overdue for a new entry, so until I get back here is something to look over.
Play nice while I am away, and remember, martial arts is like religion; It makes good people better, and bad people worse.
Rev. Greg

Fallout Boy


As you might expect I am subscribed to various online Nichiren forums. Most of them are civil as I tend to avoid the most contentious and combative forums – the ones where Buddhists slug it out for their own specific sect. However someone posted something just recently that completely took me by surprise.
Please observe that I am not mentioning his name (actually I don’t know his name), or his e-mail, or the exact name of the forum and I will ask anyone reading to respect his privacy as well, in case they too are on this forum. I do not intend to use my blog to attack individuals.
At first glance the reader may think that I am just holding this post up to show the supremacy of the Soka Gakkai in contrast to Nichiren Shoshu. Nothing could be farther from the truth. There is something about this posts and this individual’s beliefs that deeply disturb me, especially in light of my previous blog entitled “Animal Farm”.
In my supportive opinion Soka Gakkai International continues to behave recklessly, the way people and organizations do when they really don’t think anyone’s watching. Some of what SGI does and says is careless and to a large degree I feel that people like the fellow who wrote what I am about to share are the fallout victims of careless cultish behavior.
In my opinion if Soka Gakkai Internation continues to coddle Japanese culture, we will eventually totally polorize ourselves from the International Community.
I do not believe in my heart the Soka Gakkai outside of Japan is a cult, however I believe there’s plenty of cultish behavior. Whether or not I believe the Soka Gakkai in JAPAN is a cult is irrelevant to me since I basically see Japan as one huge cultural cult in and of itself. I don’t even mean that in a bad way – it just is.
The dialog in which the response appeared was a typical sectarian discussion of Nichiren Buddhism. In the ongoing thread such issues were raised politely by myself and others in regards to the historical likelihood that Nikko Shonin only stayed at Taisekiji for a year, and the validity of the Daigohonzon as the supreme mandala over all others and other issues of a historical nature.
This is what followed, as cut and pasted directly from my e-mail account;
This is my reply to irritablegosho – ‘scholar’.
It’s just an energy taking thing to continue, I really have no
concept of what you people seem to be ‘debating’ about.
What “Scholarly” community did you refer to? What I found amusing is
that Ikeda ranted for so long about his “Historic” meeting with the
now deceased Arnold Tornybee,[and now deceased Carl Sagan, and new
deceased.....etc. Everyone who ever met him is 'now deceased'.] -
that the biographer hardly gives Ikeda a paragraph of a 900 plus page
authentic biography – which is a completely different concept to
former NSA believers who simply gobbled up Ikedaisms through book
sales and memorized them until nothing else would fit into their
heads. My practice of over 25 years has helped me to see the forest
for the trees. After the 1992 split, America has had nothing but
hardships, we owe nothing to those people of the SGI. We can thank
them for Katrina, flooding all throughout the mid-west, Missouri
Flooding, Tennesse Tornadoes, including the unprecidented flooding in
England, where virtually everyone gave up their practice to follow
that person, and so forth. Everywhere where there are temple members
as well as correct Gohonzon, is relative calm, normal weather while
elsewhere is a mess. The inability for Ikeda to accept “Guidance”
from the High Priest, while they so quickly dispensed same to
thousands of people daily without regard to personal circumstances
tells me, and others, that he felt he was above listening to anyone
else but himself. One of the first great splits in Nichiren Shoshu
was when the Five Senior Priests left Minobu to do their own thing.
They established their own school and wore purple robes, whereas,
Nikko decided to stay and carry out the Daishonin’s written will.
It’s really a question of choice to follow one creed over another.
For decades fanatics defended Ikeda’s every word and movement;
running around wearing little two-way radios – taking care
of ‘traffic control’ calling him Sensai and bowing and scraping at
the mere mention of his words. Members were encouraged to ‘memorize’
President Ikeda’s words and quote him, we watched as male and female
members of NSA stumbled over his concepts using pidgin to talk to one
another until finally, after all of that crap and almost having to
sing Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony – a completely Christian performance -
it was time to say so long. In the 10 years that I practiced with
NSA I had gone on nearly every major Convention, but was never
allowed to go on a Tozan as all seats were reserved for the so-
called “Leaders”. When the leaders of the 21st Century in NSA
stumbled and fell; I was able to attend all temple activities and
interesting was finally able to attend Tozan on several occassions.
If you want to sit at your stupid computer and call Taisekiji names,
while at the same time calling yourself a scholar then I’m sorry, you
will have to find a different audience for your outpourings.

Animal Farm


I both forsaw, and dreaded this day, when it would be apparent (to me at least) when we would have to face “Animal Farm” in our own Soka Gakkai. Maybe I exaggerate, maybe this blog is hyperbole. You be the judge. It’s been 17 years, about the right time for this to happen.
From Dai-Nichiren (special edition) “On the Soka Gakkai Problem (II)” – published by the Nichiren Shoshu Bureau of Religious Affairs, an original copy collected by myself during a trip to Myoshin-ji Temple in 1989 or 1990.
“Let us assume that the goals of our practice of this faith are our own achievement of Buddhahood, and both the lasting, peaceful harmony, and eternal happiness of the peoples of our own nation and the entire world. If such is indeed the case, then for the realization of those goals, it is vital that we live up to the Buddhism of our founder, the Daishonin, who made his timely event (sic) in this Latter Day of the Law, by following the teachings which have been purely transmitted through Nichiren Shoshu. It is equally important that we take pure and humble faith in the Dai-Gohonzon of the Three Great Secret Laws, sincerely receive the instruction of the recipient of the Living Essence of the True Law, the High Priest, and honestly, unerringly persevere in the actualization of our faith. If there is even the slightest error, we will not be able to achieve our goal of the attainment of Buddhahood. In order to achieve the supreme desire, we must rid ourselves of weak-heartedness and push forward with a mind girded with strength”.
“Attaining Buddhahood With a Challenging Spirit”, Subtitle, page 14 SGI-USA Buddhist Learning Review, 2007 Study Guide
“Without a challenging or fighting spirit, we cannot attain Buddhahood. The daimoku of Soka Gakkai members struggling for Kosen-Rufu is the same as that chanted by the three founding Soka Gakkai presidents, Tsunesaburo Makiguchi, Josei Toda and Daisaku Ikeda, to achieve the happiness of all humankind. If we forget this fighting daimoku of courageous lion kings, our chanting deviates from that of our mentors. In that case, our chanting will not produce the sound of the lion’s roar created by mentor and disciple chanting together. And it will not be the daimoku of Nichiren, but rather become the practice of an inferior teaching that has no relation to the spirit of Shakyamuni. (see Study Guide, p. 63, or March-April 2007 Living Buddhism, pp 101-102).