I know, my first entry ought to be something high minded. Like a Gosho quote or something. But current events got me a little stirred this morning.
The US is angry at this guy Chalabi. But I don’t buy their anger. For one thing what were they doing giving this guy access to top secrets? He’s not a US citizen. Supposedly he wasn’t even a US employee. And encryption secrets? It’s a rule of intelligence that you don’t even talk about national secrets to your own wife. Churchill so guarded the secrets of his encryption codes that he wouldn’t even let his own people know what he knew. Hell he walked through Coventry knowing that he could have saved thousands of lives in advance, but felt that his encryption secrets were so important that a few hundred thousand brittish working class deaths would be worth the potential for gain. Any idiot who would let him know that the US had broken (as alleged) Iranian codes should be arrested for treachery to the US and tried as a spy. Not Challaby. With a guy like Challaby you got to expect him to be Quadruple dealing everybody. If you expect him to be a saint — you are the idiot. Heck even if he were a saint, he still is someone you shouldn’t be whispering secrets to.
Don’t they know, “loose lips sink ships.”
There I got it off my chest.

Anyway thanks for giving me a place and opportunity to sound off on stuff.