I am coming here to lay out a vision for peace. This vision is an attainable vision, a realistic vision, but also requires all the stakeholders in the Middle East to be honest with one another, with themselves, and make a commitment to work together with sincerity and courage. That is always harder than it seems when people are giving speeches.


The Speech I wish I could hear:

“Israel cannot endure at war with its neighbors forever. It cannot endure as a minority entity, forever, except as part of a confederated existence with its neihbors. Sooner or later it will need help. It’s neighbors currently need its help. Brothers cannot call themselves children of a one Great God if they treat one another with hatred and disrespect. When that God singles out an individual or a group it is to hold it to higher standards, not lesser ones. This cannot endure.”


“Therefore a real settlement is needed, a peace treaty between hearts and minds and not merely on paper or between governments. This requires that all parties recognize that they are contributing to the suffering of one another, and that they are suffering needlessly. There is no need for Palestinians to be stuck in enclaves within the historical territory of Palestine, Israel, Canaan, and Phoenicia. But there is also no sense to Jews being excluded from Moslem lands or being unable to build homes here and there.”

Written 2011/03/16