Someone asked, and my answer is true;
No, I never got over you,
If it takes a billion lifetimes.
It's not something I'd ever do
It's not something I can do.

Every woman shaped like you reminds me of you.
Little old women and even children too.
I see you in a smile. I see you in a laugh.
I see you in a walk. I see you in a hair-style.

No I will never get over you.
It's not something I'd ever do.
But though I long to lay beside you
I cannot forget you until I do.

This world Somehow there is a thing
Awful, fetid, and profane
Whose influence must be overthrown
Ere i can rest my bones,
Death. Must be avenged
For it took in you the best
And left a million promises unkept
And vows forsaken
And so I do what i can
until i fail too.

The tears wear down mountains they never stop.
They turn arrogant Civilizations into forgotten mounds.
They shame the arrogant people sitting in their offices,
who make you, and others too, go before their time.

The pain is 

The tears are more powerful than axes or bullets.
Because if humans could but cry, they'd stop their anger and fear.
And see that all that is but endless tears, 
accumulating in oceans over the years.

Written in 2012 -- Christopher H. Holte