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I am coming here to lay out a vision for peace. This vision is an attainable vision, a realistic vision, but also requires all the stakeholders in the Middle East to be honest with one another, with themselves, and make a commitment to work together with sincerity and courage. That is always harder than it [...]

The Value of International Trade written 2011/04/22 People have to be able to trade surplus goods or goods produced specifically for trade, for things they marginally value more. Trade with South America for Apples, if the cost of transportation makes it worth it, represents relative value, assuming there is no ability to keep apples fresh [...]

For the past 10 years I’ve been more into studying Judaism than my old Buddhism. Not that I’ve stopped studying Buddhism, it is just that the subject matter expanded and my old critique of religion in general “The Three powerful enemies” kept expanding until I realized it was a universal critique. The Three Powerful Enemies [...]