Earlier I wrote about using meditation for PTSD.  Something amazing happened along the way. I slipped into the desired state of “being,” of being present at all times. This shift of consciousness emerged like a blooming rose. Apparently, this shift on consciousness is difficult for most. I know why, but that’s a different blog. I quickly overcame my sense of self appall, when I discovered just how rarely I was present, and like most people, my thoughts were predominantly in the past and in the future – reliving or fictionalizing my past, and looking forward instead of being present. The past does not exist and neither does the future. I had, like most people built an unconscious world view, displacing my being from the only place there is, the present moment.  That is the world we live in. Nearly 99% of the world is unconscious. I never received that kind of training in Nichiren Shoshu or the SGI. I don’t know for sure, but there must be Nichiren sects that teach this kind of meditation 101.

I was asked by the doctors at the Veterans Administration to put together a program on meditation for pain management for a dvd that will be distributed throughout the VA system. I realized that even though I had studied and dabbled in basic meditation for years prior to becoming an SGI member,  I never put my best effort toward it and actually regarded it as inconsequential. Now I realize that Nichiren was in the moment as was Shakyamuni.  I realized that according to the eternal Lord Buddha Shakyamuni, the bodhisattvas of the earth were his original disciples and his advanced guard to teach the Lotus Sutra everywhere in the universe that He appeared. We had already completed the six paramitas that include the paramita of meditation, before our Lord Buddha grew the Lotus Seed within us.  The paramita of meditation includes all manner of satori, dhyana and samadhis for billions of lifetimes. If that’s true, all of that training and knowledge is in my field of consciousness. And it was! And here I am now teaching veterans with chronic pain how they can be in the moment and relieve their sufferings, as there can be no suffering when one is present in the now.

What does being in the moment have to do with the Lotus Sutra? It’s this – only when you’re in the moment can one truly know that you are the true entity of life, the essence of being, and that your life is an emanation of buddha consciousness. Only then will you truly know that you are Namu-myho-renge-kyo. Only then will you understand that the Buddhist gods, the Buddhas and bodhisattvas of the universe, the gohonzon, and all that is manifest and unmanifest is your life. Only then will you realize that not only are you the treasure tower of Taho Buddha, but your life and awakening is the eternal Ceremony in the Air.