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Earlier I wrote about using meditation for PTSD.  Something amazing happened along the way. I slipped into the desired state of “being,” of being present at all times. This shift of consciousness emerged like a blooming rose. Apparently, this shift on consciousness is difficult for most. I know why, but that’s a different blog. I quickly [...]

This is a story of triumph and a new phase of life. The preacher handed me a pamphlet. He told me that his name was Mr. Desmond, and he was 96 years old. Although he was using a walker, the old man looked terrific. “Are you saved?” He asked. At that exact moment, I had [...]

When I arrived at the VA in April 2011, my survival was in doubt. I had lost about fifty-three pounds and the will to live. PTSD is no less than a traumatic brain injury. There was structured physical therapy for the gazillion sports injuries I sustained as an athlete, and there was psychotherapy that I [...]