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Back in 1975 I went to my first NSA Buddhist meeting. There were obvious cultural issues; men sat on one side of the room and women sat on the other; everyone was sitting on the floor and on their knees; everything about the altar area was oriental; half of the people in the room were [...]

I’d like to solicit the readers opinions on a couple of statements I’ve heard and/or read: “In order to enhance our quality of existence, a belief in something eternal is needed.” “We will miss out on living a truly profound life by believing that this lifetime is the be-all and end-all of existence.”

Old Timers


For those of you who been chanting in the NSA or SGI thirty plus years, Rick Richards passed away. He and I didn’t always agree on things but he always listened. He had battled two different kinds of cancer for a couple of years and I must tell you he faced that immutable part of [...]