On the other side of darkness

It's a new stage in getting through grief;
To see through saint alike and creeping thief.
To see through the lies; is to know the truth,
and it's limits in this black box of a material world,
where darkness is just on the other side of the light,
And our fear of the darkness is the real source of our fright.

I'm almost ready to move on,
but I don't know if I'll ever bravely whistle the songs,
I once whistled in my ignorance.
Half insane, I come to talk to you as you sleep,
You don't answer, our conversation will have to keep.
I am the voice in my head, they call it thought,
I think insanity instead.

Why don't you answer me? you sleep in peace.
Grass grows over you, dust goes where once you were soft,
and I am infirm, where once you were firm.
I don't even want to imagine the things that squirm.
I am yours and you are mine.
And the worms wait for me too.

We humans, when we are two, are fully insane.
We are beings who talk to ourselves,
and call that thinking.
The stars above are laughing at me,
and winking.
All things are mystery,
all life is vanity, fully inane;
and you wait for me,
under dark skies.

Oh don't talk to me nonsense.
I find the humor best in pure sense.
When the sense is gone I'll laugh again.
It's all quite funny, if there is a cruel God.
But more likely it is one that doesn't care.
We have advice from evil counsel,
but the angels are silent.
And we are judged for making decisions,
when our choices are beyond our ability to compare.

I'll guffaw, I'll laugh.
I'll march the grand aisles of humor.
We'll all have a laugh at our own expense.
When we realize that whatever this is,
the joke is on us anyway.

Christopher H. Holte

He looked so proud and brave,
waving his flag from the top of the hill.
beneath him the army was all arrayed,
with their banners and their flags.

And he shouted from his vantage point;
"Total Destruction is the only way to Go."
Then the gallant army descended fay,
to enter into the fray.
And raw flesh clashed with steel.
And in the end, mostly the steel won.
And after the battle was over,
when the deed was done.
The brave men lay dead and dying,
and his flag dipped in mud and gore.
while the leaders of the battle,
were galloping for distant lands.

He looked so proud and brave,
but now he was galloping for his life,
Brave slogans sounded so nice,
until they saw what they had done.
Yet the promise he had kept;
Total Destruction had won.

Christopher Hartly Holte