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The first time I read BuddhaJones must have been shortly after she put it up. It was like looking at a bad accident. I was horrified, but couldn’t avert my eyes. When my book came out, the SGI-USA blew me off. I wondered how I would let the members know I had written a book [...]

“Be Here Now” was the logos for a turbulent time. Like many of my generation, I read Ram Dass with great interest, usually in an altered state back in 71. Ram Dass inspired me to pursue the path of spiritual discovery that I’m still on today. Ram Dass aka Richard Alpert and Timothy Leary were [...]

On September 6th, will publish a scathing article on the SGI. Its title is Sensei’s World and explores SGI finances and president Ikeda with all the tact of a drunken soccer fan. Perhaps a better title would have been “Capitalist Devils vs. Corporate Buddhism.” Daimoku works in mysterious ways. I became privy to Forbes [...]