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Each October I devote an entire month to studying Nichiren’s treatise, “The Opening of the Eyes.” I began this tradition at the urging of my youth division leader in 1974. At that time, we had no English Gosho and had to read excerpts from our publications. Back then the youth division was encouraged to memorize [...]

Submitted for your approval, the day before Halloween is the lost chapter from the original manuscript of “Modern Buddhist Healing.” It was not included in the final version because the nature of its message did not move the message of healing forward and was therefore cut. It has mysteriously reappeared, just in time for the [...]

As Buddhists, we learn early on about the mind-body connection through such ideas as shiki shin funi, which details the idea of the oneness of body and mind. There also exist concepts like the oneness of the person and the environment, and the oneness of the person and the universe. Human beings are an amazing [...]