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The thing that all “official misconduct”, “white collar misconduct”, and criminal behavior have in common is a thing called “perversity.” Perversity comes from a word that means twisted, as in the Lotus Sutra’s warning that in the distant future there will be “evil monks whose hearts are fawning and perverse.” There are all sorts of perversity.

Society easily recognizes some forms:
Child Abuse, Pedaphilia, drug addiction….etc.
Society readily excuses or seems blind to other forms:
Alcohol abuse, white collar crime, official crimes, fraud, deceptive advertizing, political pandering.

But they are just as perverse.

The source of all deluded behavior is known as “mara” in the east, Maya in India, and Samael in the bible. It is “illusion.” …

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Torture II


You would think that there would be no reason to have to explain why torture is something wrong. You would think that the logic would be self-evident for why Torture is the wrong way to interrogate prisoners and “material witnesses.” It is self-evident to most advanced countries, and not to nearly every tyranny. Even so, almost all torturers, including the current administration pay lip service to the moral quandaries and the unethical quality of torture, all the while trying to make lame justifications for doing what they want to do anyway.

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Torture 1

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I’ve been following the News since 9/11 with a lot of concern. In any human struggle there are always three simultaneously intertwined levels in which one struggles; within one’s own mind and body, within ones own “realm” of ever wider associations, and then between those realms. I know from experience, that we are, in the long run, always more in danger from ourselves than from any outward enemy. And so I followed the news reports as they ticked off one by one with certainty that the direction they were headed was bad. First were the detentions of “enemy aliens” and of routine violations of law by people suspected of involvement with terrorism. Then there was the patriot act. Then there was Guantanamo bay. then Abu Gharaib, and now sure enough an effort is being made to declassify the memos under which these crimes were justified with justifications that even the authors would have been ashamed to present in public. For example Ashcroft wouldn’t answer questions []related to his memo on the subject. All he will say is that the US stayed within the law. Yet it is pretty obvious that they didn’t and that this was on advice from his office [see].

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