I might not have noticed this one had it not been for reading the “Op-Eds” of the Washington Post and reading an article by Joan A. Lukey about it, called “At the Court, Inflating the White House’s Power on Sunday, July 4, 2004; Page B02


This decision, after all the hoopla leading up to it, was practically ignored by the media. As Joan A. Lukey writes:

“The high court clearly disagreed. In one quiet little line, on the 20th page of a 21-page majority opinion, the seven justices in the majority undid decades of evolving doctrine with this: “[the Court of Appeals] labored under the mistaken assumption that the assertion of executive privilege is a necessary precondition to the Government’s separation-of-powers objections.” Translation: The administration need not invoke a doctrine that would subject the decision to withhold information to judicial review, even regarding matters of domestic policy.

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Happy Birthday America!!!

I saw the movie “Farenheit 911″ tonight. I’m glad I did. It was an exercise in Democracy. In what dictatorship can someone make a documentary that directly and so thoroughly deconstructs it’s chief leader? On the other hand, what the documentary documents is a government that has systematically sought to benefit a few, quite explicitly and openly, using the tools of lies, deceit, and all the mechanism of this Government. He really makes you think. And no matter what you think of the President, it is worth hearing his case. He makes it with archival footage, humor, and an amazing amount of accuracy.

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